We’re gonna have to choose between having human rights, or having no political power. It’s gonna be a difficult one, but I’m gonna go with human rights

Let me expand that for you, because it’s really the option between;

  1. Having human rights, political self-determination, a currency that isn’t linked to Conservative austerity, freedom to pursue left-wing political causes, and the ability to decide our country’s fate.
  2. And having no political power, having our most populous city be England’s meat-shield for nuclear weapons and disasters, and our people continually denigrated by the ruling government and popular media of what is ostensibly ‘our’ overall shared nation.

The idea of Scotland even having a voice was actually used as a scare tactic by the Tories in the General Election. They used the bogeyman of a Labour and Scottish National Party coalition as something that was automatically going to be a bad thing. Labour, for their part, immediately doubled-down and stated that in no way were they ever going to work with the SNP, and look where we are now.

Fuck England.  



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