It’s not just the educational system. It’s that the Left hasn’t been able to provide a viable outlet for the working class people who put their faith in Trump – that’s our fight, to help organize the Left so that it becomes possible. “Fix education” is the liberal answer to pretty much everything, but it won’t remedy the wealth inequality and it won’t remedy the alienation. There needs to be a coherent anti-capitalist movement that focuses on putting power and influence into the hands of the working class beyond the vague promises about education that have been touted for decades, and that means full worker control.

The liberal insistence that the only thing stopping people from being more liberal is a supposed lack of education is sickening in of itself.

See if only the working class wasn’t so STUPID they’d know that they should only be politely racist

Like, fixing the education system is really important, but it’s a symptom, not a cause. Housing discrimination isn’t caused by poor education, poor education is caused by housing discrimination. The education system as is serves not to cause problems, but to help perpetuate and justify as acceptable problems that already exist.

This scales up, too. Liberals don’t just treat poor conservatives as idiots, but also treat the elected politicians as idiots, instead of calculating, savvy people with a good sense of how to play with the media. If you treat conservatives as inconsistent in their beliefs, and as fools that ‘somehow’ bumbled into the job, then you’ll never understand their actions and you’ll never be able to combat the conservative ‘wing’ of liberalism.


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