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these are good things

but sometimes you just get migraines and your brain goes LOL LET’S MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL FOR THE NEXT FEW HOURS for no actual reason so here are some helpful tips if you get one of those:

– when it starts hurting, TAKE PAIN KILLERS. something with caffeine in it helps the most. like i’m serious. the second you think “oh maybe i’m getting a migraine” take something and then do the following

– burrito in a comfy blanket in a super dark silent room. you’re going to want to stay on tumblr. fight that urge. don’t watch tv, don’t check your phone, no bright lights. they hurt.

– super magical migraine cure: put a couple scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream in a blender with some white milk and some chocolate milk. blend till it’s all nice and drinkable. if you’re like me and love whipped cream this is also a good excuse to have some of that. but actually, somewhere between the caffeine from the chocolate, magical mint properties, and the fact that it’s really cold in your mouth helps your brain calm down. trust me.

– drink some coke, the shot of caffeine helps. idk why. brain science.

– nom on some potato chips. i know that sounds really weird but chewing something like chips (slowly!) helps my face muscles relax. tension makes things worse.

– ICE PACKS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND. when you’re in pain, putting super cold things on those nerves overrides the pain signal and makes your brain just think you’re cold instead of hurt. it’s science. put them on your neck or your forehead or the top of your head, wherever you’re feeling tension and pain.

– if it’s coming from super tense neck muscles (i get those) or your neck is sore at all, rub like ben gay or icy hot on the back of your neck. helps soothe the muscles and calm down your head.

– also if it’s a migraine from sore neck muscles, adjusting the way you sit/lay down could help. just move around until you find a comfy position that helps you feel better.

these are just the things that i do, i learned pretty much all of it from my mom cause she gets terrible migraines too. also if anyone else has tips that work for them please add on 🙂 yay headache relief

Caffeine helps because it restricts blood flow to your brain slightly, same with ice at the base of your neck! migraines are caused by too much blood in your brain at once and overstimulates everything at once!

If you can, and have the time

take a nap.

Not a fifteen-minute, dozing-off catnap, but a nap. Between an hour or two. When you wake up, your headache will be a lot better, if not gone entirely. I get migraines all the time, and napping for an hour and a half always makes them better. I might not work for everyone, but hey, any reason to take a warm nap, right?

this whole thing is so helpful thanks guys

If you get migraines and you snore, GET TESTED for obstructed sleep apnea, and get yourself on a CPAP machine if you have the means.  Use it faithfully, especially when having those long naps.

I had optical migraines for a while (hello stress!), and along the way discovered that a pinched nerve in my neck was contributing to the problem. Chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapy etc can really help. 

Sometimes, migraines are preceded by symptoms anywhere from hours to days before the actual pain starts. For example, I usually get visual auras (flashy/floaty/blurry spots that obstruct my vision) and some dizziness and nausea. 

If you have any kind of reliable warning symptoms like that, don’t wait until the pain starts. Once you realize a migraine is coming on, take the painkiller that works best for you (I’ve found ibuprofen, especially Advil Migraine, really helps me, but everyone is different – and be careful with drug interactions!), AND drink a glass of water with it, if you can. 

Also, if you feel like complete crap even when the pain is gone, that’s not necessarily due to the medications or caffeine. It’s pretty normal for my migraines to leave me feeling brain-foggy, exhausted, and miserable for about 24 hours after the pain finally goes away, no matter what I do or don’t take.


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