When I first came onto tumblr, the LGBTQ+ discourse was all up in arms against people who claimed that teaching about same sex attraction in sex ed was “sexualizing minors” because that implied that there was something inherently more sexual and “inappropriate” about same sex attraction than the heterosexual attraction which was already talked about.

But now those same people have taken up the very discourse they fought against so strongly to accuse ace people of “sexualizing minors” for wanting to have asexuality discussed in sex ed.

The lack of self awareness is mind blowing.

The discoursers are forgetting entirely that asexual minors do in fact exist, and are
harmed by a society that constantly tells them that sex is the ultimate
goal of a relationship, or that it is “fundamental human instinct for

All we want is to tell them that not feeling this attraction does not make them broken or less human.  And, that you can have a fulfilling relationship WITHOUT SEX.

To me, that seems like the opposite of sexualization.


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