Meet 8-year-old Zion, the world’s first child to receive a double hand transplant

“I will be proud of what hands I get, I will be proud.”

-Zion Harvey

They can do this now? This makes me want to cry or something.

This still makes me happy and amazes me 😭😭

This made so worried. I want to ask questions like “Is Zion happy right now?” “How do they handle when he is not having a good day?” “What will Zion say about this experience when he is older?” “Was it all worth it or maybe the pain and the long recovery, and not being able to tell when he will be as agile as before, taking its toll?” I just really want a weekly update on how Zion is doing because this gave me major anxiety and I can’t even comprehend what his momma is going through! It all looks great: the plan, the success physically, but I just want to know how Zion is doing emotionally!!!

As of July 2016, he was recently discharged and will still receive therapy. He attended a conference called #AOPOlive. He was asked what does he wants to be when he grows up.

He simply replied, “I’m gonna be me when I grow up!”


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