it is really, really important that you contact your senators and tell them to oppose the murphy bill/hr2646

if it passes it will

– weaken the privacy of mentally ill people and strip us of our HIPAA rights. it explicitly allows doctors to “disclose the protected health information of a patient with a mental illness” to family members in situations where “the patient does not consent and the patient is not incapacitated or in an emergency circumstance”. of course, adults should have a right to privacy even if their parents are great, but keep in mind that this will result in people’s private medical information being disclosed to their abusive family members. that’s scary.


–  require states to pass laws allowing “Assisted Outpatient Treatment” (also called “Assertive Community Treatment”) to get mental health grants. that sounds good- I mean, “assist” means “help”- but in this case “assisted” means “forced”. “Assisted Outpatient Treatment” allows people to be forced to take meds and accept other forms of treatment even when they are not deemed a danger to themselves or others. I have been forced to take medication that damaged my physical and mental health by doctors who wouldn’t listen to me. so have many other people I know. this is terrifying. 

I am scared. my friends are scared. a bunch of people are saying they will be too scared to try and access mental health services if this passes. this has already passed the house, and if we don’t do anything it will also pass the senate. but there’s good news: this bill has not had a lot of media coverage, which means that your voice really matters.

please contact your senators. email them. more effective, write them. even more effective, call them (info on how to contact them) (info on what to say). spread the word on social media. tell your friends. arrange a calling party. do whatever you can. this is important. we can do this.


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