Look! Him pants!!

who told him its ok to match neutrals 

JONAH GOT PANTS! Good for you Jonah. Next week we’ll work on shoes

why are you two always so critical of his choices 😦

How does that even….

Genetics are weird.

Oh, this isn’t genetics! c: Jonah had a pretty major leg surgery a few months back—a FHO, or femoral head ostectomy.

For a while, he looked like this:

Now his pants are coming in nicely!

(unless u mean his coat pattern.  That’s all genetics.)

OHHH, I see it now!

For a minute I thought he just had fur that changed color/pattern right on his hindquarters. Buh, I have no brain.

Poor baby, I hope he gets well soon!

‘no brain’, NO WAY. 

Comments like yours are legit some of my favorite because I get to talk about COOL COAT PATTERNS IN CATS.  There are cases where shaving a cat has resulted in a drastic coat pattern change.


Before he was shaved, his fur was pretty typical siamese: all creamy with just his legs, face, and tail dark. But now his whole flank is dark.


Because Siamese points are actually a result of temperature-dependent albinism! 😀 Also known as
acromelanism, this is a neat little mutation in which a specific enzyme (tyrosinase, which is responsible for melanin production) stops functioning at a normal body temperature, but will function when it gets cooler.  So in cool zones on a cat’s body (face, ears, tail, feets), melanin production is normal.  The warm zones develop in a lovely cream.

Since his butt is cold, it has normal melanin production.  Once it gets all fuzzy and starts a typical shed pattern, it’ll come in cream eventually.  Until then, he’ll have weird pants.

Genetics are weird and AWESOME.

It got even better


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