Ya know. Hearing aids are not the miracle fix that people who aren’t deaf/hoh think they are.

Even if you can afford to get one or two or have them paid for or covered there are still many reasons people with hearing aids don’t wear them all the time.

Here are a few reasons:

  • They’re uncomfortable and annoying and take a while to get used to.
  • They visibly mark you as hard of hearing so you have to put up with questions or hear everyone’s story about the other person they know who can’t hear well.
  • When you have unilateral hearing loss or unbalanced hearing you tend to have balance problems. If your hearing is stable you tend to learn to help compensate so you don’t fall much. If you get a hearing aid that doesn’t perfectly or nearly perfectly level out the volume of sound between both ears you are left with the balance problems you had before plus you tend to overcompensate or shift your weight in the wrong direction when you feel you’re going off balance. It can also make you dizzy in general and trust me even with adjustable aids they always seem to have trial and error periods and times when they just seem to need to be readjusted.
  • If for any reason the fit of the hearing aid isn’t perfect you can get feedback. Yes, like with speakers. High pitch screech. In your ear.
  • Ear infections cause swelling which cause hearing aids to not fit right.
  • If you’re prone to ear infections wearing a hearing aid can bring on more ear infections unless you’re impeccable with hygiene, and even then it traps in moisture and warmth which… still can lead to more ear infections. Which lead to swelling, even before you realise you have an ear infection, which leads to feedback.

So stop pretending you know what aids and accommodations are best if you don’t experience what it’s like to be deaf/hoh.


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