This got me dying

who paid for this study bruh

it’‘s literally seasoning.  that’s it. that’s what make food taste good.

Bro it’s more complex than just ‘ey they used seasoning’ 

It’s HOW they used seasoning, compared to other areas of the world. 

Indian seasoning does this neat color wheel of flavor, fitting a bunch of spices that are very DIFFERENT from each other, to create a huge range of complex flavor. 

Meanwhile in Italy for instance, they tend to use flavors that are SIMILAR. For instance, Basil and Oregano, or Sweet fish with Sweet wine. It makes foods less likely to contrast weirdly in your mouth, and it’s the basis of why fancy european people pair red wines with steak and white wines with chicken. Savory with Savory, Light with Light.   

But the Indian food steps it up a notch. The research is definitely worth a read. 

That like flavors should be combined for better dishes—an unspoken but popular hypothesis stipulated by recipe-building in North American, Western European, and Latin American cultures—is an idea essentially reversed in Indian cuisine.


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