I’ve seen a couple people saying that because of Pokemon Go they’ve walked many many miles at a stretch and how good they feel about it and I agree… but I am concerned when I see how many people also take their dogs.

You know when you feel hot or thirsty but your dog has no way of telling you he is. Idk about other areas but right now my hometown has a severe weather warning for extreme heat. You may be able to walk around and catch pokemon and know when to quit, but if you walk your dog at the same time all I’m asking is be aware of when THE DOG needs to quit too. Be aware of the signs of heatstroke, be aware of how much exercise your dog needs or can realistically handle, and especially look out if it’s a very small or a very flat faced dog. The last thing we need is someone walking five miles in the summer heat and giving their dog heatstroke because the pokestop was too far away.

It’s great that so many dogs are finally getting more exercise than ever (as pet obesity is endemic) but high temperatures carry high risks.

If you own dogs in a hot area I would expect you know what to look out for already but I also know that people are pushing themselves farther than ever in search of pokemon so just don’t forget about your real life animals when you’re chasing the cartoon ones.

Thought I’d add these graphics (found via google):

Note that short-faced dogs (bulldogs, pitbull mixes, and similar) are at an increased risk for heat issues, as are small dogs, dogs with thick fur, and dogs who are overweight. 

Check your pooch regularly when you’re out looking for Pokemon, and be sure to bring water for both of you, even for a short jog.  If you go long distances on pavement, check your dog’s feet for burns – asphalt and concrete can scorch!  There are booties you can buy to protect your friend’s feet, which would probably be a good idea in areas that regularly get over 90F.

Just in case, here’s how to help out a heat-stressed dog:

Heatstroke CAN KILL, so please be careful!  If your dog seems like it’s getting too hot, get it cooled off as soon as you can.  If you’re too hot, your dog is, too.

Wonderful additions! Thank you.


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