anyway imagine the apostates all knowing a shitload of mundane magic and household spells and the circle mages (and everyone else) just being like whaAAAT

-morrigan and solas both do this thing where they’ll reach out and grab a stew pot with both hands if they feel like it’s not getting hot fast enough, instantly making it heat right up (this is literally the only thing sera likes about solas)

-merrill drops ice into everyone’s drinks during wicked grace night and she also gives ice out to people at the alienage (’no one has any ice here!’ she bemoans.  ‘this is terrible!  kirkwall is so hot!’)

-anders casually heals papercuts and bruises without even thinking about it.  there’s been several times where he’ll reach out and brush his thumb across someone’s cheek if they have cut like he’s their mom trying to get a smudge off their face

-velanna keeps a kickass garden in vigil’s keep–everything she grows grows awesome, even stuff that’s hard to grow in that climate

-dorian, fiona and solas all start lighting the library with witchlights instead of lanterns or candles because magical lights are like 100000x safer


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