some debunked pokemon go “tips” i’ve heard (feel free to add more you’ve seen debunked!):




  • “eevee’s evolutions are determined by moveset” – demonstrably false. jury’s out on nicknames, have yet to see a case where pyro/rainer/sparky nicknames have failed when the nicknames were confirmed to have been saved by the servers
  • “the green pulse around the nearby list indicates you’re facing in the right direction” – the green pulse indicates that the nearby list has been updated – it doesn’t necessarily mean something’s changed, just that the list has essentially ‘refreshed’
  • “tapping a pokeball after missing will recover it” – this is just straight-up not the case
  • “you can hatch eggs by shaking your device/spinning your device/any sort of stationary movement” – pokemon go DOES NOT USE A PEDOMETER, the step counter is based on your GPS location moving
  • “downloading offline maps for google maps will decrease load times” – this seemed legit because it is the case for ingress, but it is not here – pokemon go does not use google maps’ API for location data.
  • “you can email nintendo with proof of disability to unlock different settings” – nintendo did not develop the game, no one would set them to be something that you have to contact the developer to unlock, and they would not require proof to change said settings
  • “the leaves indicate a pokemon is going to spawn there” – it seems to just be cosmetic, but may indicate that a pokemon will spawn somewhere soon
  • “different weather conditions affect pokemon spawns” – the one i heard the most is “storms = electric and water pokemon”, this has no basis in reality

one that’s true:

  • some pokemon do have altered spawn rates based on what time it is! clefair and the gastly line appear more frequently at night.

I feel like if you go fast enough it no longer counts km. How does bikeriding work for egg-hatching?

Can confirm that train and car travel aren’t counted … it would be cool to find out how fast a bike has to go before it’s “too fast”!


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