As I say daily, “Bi is not binary” (thinking of making t-shirts and a banner at this point).

So grateful for the consistent advocacy of so many fellow non monosexual community members working hella hard to disprove a fallacy that murders bi, pan, fluid, queer (bi+) people by isolating them from each other and the full embrace of a 50 year old bisexual movement started by self described punks, freaks, and waaaaaay outside the binary box thinkers. How dare anyone try to redefine our identity against us.

I’ve decided to protest that wherever I go, wherever I be…sorry/not sorry, if that bothers you…

**Photo Caption**
BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham, a Black bi, pan, fluid and queer activist stands facing camera with blue hair, unflinching in the face of biphobia (trust her, it IS out there).

**Photo Credit**
Deborah Atwater

**Further reading** (by bi theorist Shiri Eisner who began the “say bisexuality is binary one more time” meme in 2013. (Trans-bi author and critical genius Julia Serano expands on 2010 classic ode “Bisexuality does not reinforce the gender binary”) (Excellent recent analysis exploring how binary based biphobia attacks undermine bi, pan, fluid, queer (bi+) communities)
(One of my favorite writers, and my friend Aud Traher’s classic take on binary bisexual accusations and how they hurt bi-trans-non binary people like them)
(Historical evidence from national bi magazine manifesto that rejects the idea of binary genders over 25 years ago, but yeah way to catch up with us on the topic.)


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