White Women Sold and Traded Slaves While F$!%*ing & S$!%*ing Black D$!%@……..









I’m currently reading this book called, 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro With Complete Proof by J.A. Rogers. I’m learning some interesting facts about black history that I haven’t known before, including this little tea on white women’s role in the transatlantic slave trade:

In the 1850s, Mrs. Leybonn, an Englishwoman, was “Queen of the Slave traders,” at Rio Pongo, one of the principal slave posts in West Africa. She had a fort armed with cannon and armed with 300 devoted blacks. She had three mulatto children by a Negro, a boy, and two girls.One of the latter married a slave-trader, and the other, a British Consul.

Another fact blows the sweet, innocent white woman myth out the water.

Watch out sis, you know you can’t talk about how white women contributed to racism and abuse of black people around these parts.

Y’all gotta get on Marie Delphine LaLaurie too. This is nothing new.

Haven’t  forgot her, I’ll do a profile on her ASAP.

I’ll be waiting. Because even American Horror Story humanizes her like nothing. I heard about her in ‘08. Her legend makes my skin crawl.

Lol, love the gif. yeah I learned about her on deadly women. She was a wicked ol witch. well that’s no surprise. No matter how evil WP are they’ll humanize each other in wickedness & wrongdoing.

Annie Palmer, The white witch of Rose Hall is also another horrifying white woman. She lived near Montego Bay Jamaica and would literally kill her enslaved lover in the most horrific way after sleeping with them. 

Her Great House still stands today and is a museum. 

Thanks for her name. I was thinking about her when I did this post but couldn’t remember her name.


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