What’s Happening In My Country: Turkey



People, I’m reporting from Ankara, Turkey, from my thankfully safe home… This is one of the strangest events in the Turkish history, and no one knows if it’s a real military coup, or a “fake” one organized by the government so that they can get stronger than ever. Right now, there are tons of jet planes flying above the city and bombing different places, such as the “palace” of Erdogan, the parliament, the building of the political party AKP, the national intelligence agency of Turkey.

Erdogan literally told people to get out, to the streets, and protest the coup, and “stand in front of the tanks”. And, shockingly, they did. Now, people are out in the streets, chanting “Allahu Akbar!” and attacking the soldiers. Everyone’s gone crazy, I’m so afraid that this will lead to a war.

The military took over the national channel of Turkey and forced a reporter to read out a declaration about the martial law. Now, the government has taken the channel back. The soldiers are getting arrested one by one. They declared that they had taken control of the coup, and I’m sure that everyone will consider them (the government, Erdogan, etc.) “heroes” from now on.

There are deaths, deaths of policemen, civilians… It’s scary, I’ve never experienced something like this. I don’t know how this happened, I don’t know who did this, I don’t know what’s happening and what’s gonna happen. I don’t know what kind of a country I will wake up to, if I can convince myself to go to sleep in this chaos. I don’t know if it’ll be martial law or Sharia law, or Erdogan declaring himself a dictator. I’m confused as hell.

But there is one truth: whoever did this, and for whatever reason they did this, this is not okay… I, and all the other people of Turkey, do not deserve to experience this fear, violence and chaos. Whatever happens, happens to the innocent. Let this be heard from all around the world, something strange, and something COMPLETELY CRAZY is going on. Let this be heard, this shouldn’t be forgotten. The world shouldn’t forget how a group of people literally played, and are still playing, with us like we’re toys.

In the following hours, they may cut off our internet, they may ban us from sharing the news with the world, they have done it before. For the sake of the people of Turkey, and for the sake of our world’s future;

Help us, let this be heard…

@halalbarbie just posted an image of CNN Turk being stormed, and all that’s being broadcast now is the sound of soldiers and protestors facing off.



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