Pokemon Go does not “trick you into exercising.”  It simply gives an incentive and attainable reward for doing so
that is more appealing than my anxiety is daunting.  I know exactly what it is doing and I am fucking grateful.

Like, exercise is this thing we are supposed to endure for no reward. If we are rewarded for it in any way, it doesn’t count because it’s not virtuous.

That’s nonsense.

I hate exercising. It’s horrible. It’s painful, it’s BORING, the weather outside is usually terrible because I live in a circle of hell, I don’t want people looking at me or following me home, I don’t like being barked at, it wears me out so doing other shit I need to do is more trying than it has to be, and did I mention it’s BORING?

Getting even the *slightest* reward for it makes it significantly more worthwhile.

It’s a noble thought that health is its own reward but for people with issues with anxiety, executive function, depression, and any of a host of physical ailments, it just doesn’t and never will work that way.


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