Seattle teacher Jesse Hagopian was on his way home during Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2015. After he gave his speech he called his mother while crossing the street when the police officer Sandra DeLaFuente pepper sprayed him and the other pedestrians.

Luckily, the incident was caught on video.


“I was hit in the face with pepper spray — burning my ear, my mouth, and my eyes,” Hagopian said at a press conference with representatives of the King County NAACP. “The pain was excruciating. I spent the entire birthday party pouring milk on my face — frightening my kids, not sure what to tell them.”


Hagopian received  $100,000 settlement but is not gonna keep it.

“I did reach a settlement with the City of Seattle for $100,000,” he said. “But I want it to be clear that $100,000 is not justice. The office of professional accountability did rule in my favor. It did say that this officer violated policy and should face a suspension — a one-day suspension.”

He decided to give the money to Black Lives Matter organization.


“I was peacefully raising my voice for justice on Martin Luther King Day last year,” he said. “I gave the final rally speech at the main event that I called out people who pretend to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and then disparage the Black Lives Matter movement — as if he wouldn’t be in the streets supporting it. As if he hadn’t been arrested over 40 times in the struggle for racial, economic and social justice. Apparently, not all the police officers liked that speech.”

Such people give me hope in the better future.


This deserve more notes..

This is in my state, folks.


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