The minimum wage should not be a living wage







Minimum wage is meant as a stepping stone to earning more later on in life.

I see minimum wage for teens, undergraduate students, elderly, and those living with a disability.

“Minimum wage is for people with a disability. It should not be a living wage.”

In other words, disabled people don’t have the right to live?

Hahaha what the fuck

the genesis of the minimum wage was literally for the express purpose of guaranteeing a living wage

I’m used to people thinking we should die, so that part isn’t even shocking.

What confuses me is that the idea that a “stepping stone to earning more later on in life” wouldn’t be enough to live on? The “more (money) later on in life” would logically be more than enough to live off of with more luxuries.

Even if you see no issues with capitalism, the math of “enough to live” + “enough for more nice things” makes a fuck ton more sense than “cannot survive without assistance on top of work income” + “well now you’ve earned the right to earn enough money to live on your own.”

yeah if you aren’t making enough to live you likely don’t have savings (oh and protip? disabled people aren’t allowed savings if they are on disability and have higher living costs then abled people due to health expenses, even minimum wage might be “too much” money and have them pull your insurance etc.)

Minimum wage not being living wage means living with your abusive family trying to earn money (and lots of them will be taking it from you) and not being able to move out, well into adulthood a lot of the time due to the inability to support yourself.

It means not making a dent in your college loans because you can’t earn enough money even working full time + full time school (which is required if you want financial aid) and destroying yourself working the equivalent of 2 full time jobs for what amounts to negative money.

It means elderly and disabled people, who obviously CANNOT work full time due to health having no possible way to support themselves on that money and also often being stuck in abusive situations that can’t be left because the alternative if homelessness.

Unless you want to raise social security and fix disability so it’s easier to get on and there is no income/asset limits, make college free, and provide more resources for teenagers trying to start their lives, this wouldn’t work at ALL. You would have to have the goverment subsidize this.

You want your taxes raised or do you want corporations to actually pay people for their work? Because with the current situation your suggesting people in these groups just starve because their labor is valued less.


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