Friendly reminder that:

  • Qunari are empowering Saarebas with lyrium so that they can become stronger, open temporary Rifts, slow time down, and use mysterious spells, all through unknown means.
  • Tevinter is terribly weakened, corrupted, and will not last in the war against the Qunari.
  • Fen’Harel, now incredibly powerful, is planning to eliminate the Qun (good thing), but also to tear down the Veil (not that good, depending on the consequences). He will probably help the Tevinter slaves in rebelling against their masters too.
  • Titans are awakening. They are enormous beings living deep underground, whose blood has been consumed for millennia by mages and Templars alike, shaping the world as it is today. They also seem able to influence events above ground and they are very angry with the world or at least with the elves. They will probably re-establish their contact/link with the dwarves.
  • Something is happening in Weisshaupt, the Wardens have gone silent, and a new Blight is most likely coming.
  • The Evanuris are still locked away, but it’s obvious they will get free soon. They are a bunch of homicidal assholes who will not think twice about conquering Thedas again. They might be also tainted by the Blight, if the theories “Evanuris locked away with the Blight in the Black City” are true.
  • If Kieran was born, Flemeth/Mythal took the Old God’s soul from him, planning to do something with it. We still don’t know what it is, but it’s unlikely she will stay “dead”. She still has to have her revenge, her “reckoning which will shake the very heavens”.
  • Either Morrigan or the Inquisitor drank from the Well of Sorrows and the consequences of that act are still unclear, but whatever they are, they are going to suck or at least be mildly disturbing.
  • Mysterious Dalish elves live in the Tirashan. They are violent, cruel, and worship the Forgotten Ones.
  • Strange people from the Volca Sea are returning after a long absence, claiming a terrible calamity struck their lands.
  • We still don’t know what lies beyond the Amaranthine Ocean, but whatever it is, it makes people go insane and suicidal.

Basically Thedas right now:


I have been saying for over a year now that Thedas is, while not quite POST apocalyptic, in a slow burn apocalypse that Solas tried and only half succeeded at stopping when he locked away the Evanuris. As he said, they were destroying the world… arguably with the Blight but who the fuck knows how much else of this is their fault? Or Elvhenan’s fault in some way? (*cough qunari cough*)

We joke about it all the time but we never THINK about it. Apocalypse Tuesday in Thedas is practically a THING. If even half of the speculations up there come to pass, they show an unprecedented and FAST deterioration of what we want to be STABLE in order for Thedas to, you know, not die.

My normal end point for this argument is “so I can understand where Solas is coming from with the ‘hard reset’ plan, even if I don’t like it,” but I try to refrain from making that point in public because I get enough hate mail already without mixing in another spurt of death threats and vaguely racist flames. So instead, I’ll concur: Thedas is a land of HOT FUCKING DOOM right now and everything every hero of every game has been doing thus far is frantically running around a breaking dam with progressively larger band aids.


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