Okay, so you know all the scenery porn in Howl’s bedroom?

Gankutsuou is basically like an entire anime of that. Only crazier.

Reasons you should watch it:

  • It’s an AU of the Count of Monte Cristo set in FUTURE SPACE PARIS because why the fuck not
  • It has an awesome soundtrack
  • It addresses important societal issues
  • Bonus points for having a trans character!
  • Also interracial couples! (And interspecies couples…?)
  • Some supernatural shit goes does down, bruh
  • (what anime wouldn’t be complete without) GIANT FIGHTING ROBOTS
  • Tragic bromance
  • Has spaceships n shit, of course, because future/space Paris
  • Adorable alien butler!
  • cyborg horses
  • Contains cute and/or heartbreaking romance
  • Did I mention the scenery porn

And, last but not least …


Here are a few links where you can watch the entire series:

[x] English sub

[x] English dub

I would recommend the original Japanese version, just because I prefer the voice actors more, but hey, whatever you like bro

Sadly the linked vids are not the best resolution as they were uploaded quite a few years ago, so if you really want to enjoy the scenery porn you might want to look elsewhere for it or even buy a hard copy, but these are the ones I know still work.


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