These Women Are Proof That Colorful Hair Has No Age Limit

if i make it to elderly, ima be these people.

I cant wait until my hair turns white it’ll be SO MUCH EASIER TO DYE!!

^^^^^^ SAME

@erizuhbreath US

they look like the grand high leader of a magical realm *__* so cooool!!  

There’s a woman that comes into our store whose hair naturally turned white, so she dyed the roots aqua. Mermaid elder. 

When I dye my hair ridiculous colors, so many older women stop me to tell me they love it and they wish they were still young enough to do that.

I always say “who says you’re not?” and every once in a while, one of them will smile and say something along the lines of “you know what, you’re right! I’ll bet my grandchild can help me figure out how to do all that!”


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