Polyamory References


Ethical Slut – Dossie Easton & Janet W. Harding
-Focuses primarily on sexuality and gender. Communication and relationship structures are discussed.

More Than Two – Franklin Veaux & Eve Rickert
-One of the best pieces of literature on poly relationships, constructs, and function. Deals in sexuality and toxic relationships.

Opening up – Tristan Taormino
-Poly relationships and constructs.

Come as you are – Emily Nagoski
-A refreshing contemporary look at female sexuality, toxic female constructs, and acceptance.

Girl Sex 101 – Allison Moon & KD Diamond
-Wonderful book for any person without a penis who is interested in sex with others who do not possess a penis.

The Male Body: A new look at men in public and private – Susan Bordo
-Male sexuality, societies obsession with the penis, and societal expectations.

Male Sexuality: Why women don’t understand it, and men don’t either – Michael Bader
-Looking at the western worlds constructs of male sexuality, expectations, and problems.


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