anon submission:

by Antoine Coypel, “young black man holding a basket of fruit and a young girl stroking a dog”. 1661-1722

Antoine Coypel

‘young black man’

‘young girl’

why isnt it a young white girl or a young man (or even boy dude he doesnt even look that old)

why isnt she infiltrating his space i know its probably not meant that way but perhaps we should all take notice of our vocabulary habits 

…retard alert. maybe you can go back in time and say to Antoine that you do not agree with the name of his painting?

Hey, you nasty piece of business. For your information, that’s not a title, and it’s certainly not one given by the artist. It’s a description from a MUSEUM PLACARD WRITTEN BY SOMEONE ALIVE TODAY; it reflects modern prejudice in a way that’s very much worth criticizing, and in fact I have an entire tag dedicated to how artwork is displayed in museums and the ways we can interact and engage with art and history mindfully, thoughtfully, and responsibly, jackass.


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