We are used to ignoring our own bodies. “These carrots are too spicy” we complained as a child, only to be told no, they were sweet, that the music wasn’t too loud, nobody can hear lights, what you are experiencing is invalid. We heard: you are invalid. You do not experience the world the same way as everyone else, and therefore, your experience is wrong. You learn to ignore the ever-present pain because nothing can be done about it, but then you have a kidney infection and others get mad at you for not noticing sooner. But why should you trust your body when it is always wrong?

Scarred,” by Kate at Thinking Autism (via disabilityhistory)

I had missed this piece before, but the whole thing is well worth a read.

You are avoiding the subject, the therapists say, over and over, you only want to talk about dogs and not your real issues. Why do you have such a problem with authority? Why are you so rude on purpose? Why do you like making people mad? Your whole family is in a shambles and it is all your fault.


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