Peter Parker caught in an endless five year loop. Reliving High School over, and over, and over. Tasting the victory of adulthood for only a moment before he’s snapped back to a teenage hellscape. Free him.

#each time  #he has a new face  #but he remembers  #he always remembers via cosmiccelery

Okay, but imagine a full fic of this. And maybe he doesn’t always remember, but maybe he gets flashes. Little blips of how things turn out and there’s confusion and- just imagine:

Peter feeling alone, so alone at school and then he only has one friend, just the one, just Harry Osborne and sometimes he glances over and gets a sense of wrong, of this is not right- you are evil. youare- and then it’s gone and he’s blinking in confusion and Harry’s head is tilted in a question and-

He calls Gwen “MJ” once. He doesn’t even know why, it just slips out and she pulls away to yell at him but stops because he looks even more alarmed than she is and they laugh it off. Every once and a while, he will go to take a picture and then think he’s already taken it, it’s already on his computer, he’s already edited it but- but no that can’t be right… he’s never been here before. When he’s skateboarding, he sometimes gets the feeling that he can do tricks, crazy tricks and really, if he leapt just like that he wouldn’t even need the skateboard but-

Aunt May laughs at him when he turns up bloody from one of his attempts. She also laughs because through the pain, he has still stopped to pick up paint for some reason because he swears she said she needed it but… but he guesses he hit his head harder than he thought and isn’t that strange?

The worst though, the worst is when he looks at Uncle Ben. Because usually it’s just Uncle Ben, smiling and kind and laughing softly at his own joke. But sometimes it’s not. Sometime’s his mouth is twisted in pain and there is blood along his hairline and he’s gasping out words that Peter can’t quite make out and- when Peter blinks it’s gone but… but when it finally happens, Peter isn’t even surprised. Not really. Not like he should be.


This awesome. I need a whole fic of this

he’s gonna be pissed when he finds out aunt may keeps resetting the timeline to absorb uncle ben’s lifeforce and get younger and stronger. SOON.


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