Oh shit. I never realized this.

This is a depressing reality every 4th of July.

So they go around the world bombing and killing people and then expect us to feel sorry for them?? Nah son, you deserve it.

me if i ever find out any of my neighbors are veterans

Hmmm. I mean, just because the army as an institution is flawed and damaging doesn’t mean everyone in it is a terrible person. To paint every single veteran with the same brush is reductive and to make light of the debilitating mental disorders many have just seems wrong. Like yes, fuck the military as an institution completely 100%, but blaming disabled ex-front-line infantry maybe isn’t the best direction for our anger, perhaps.

A lot of veterans are poor people who were intentionally targeted by scouting programs coming to their schools starting at age 13, and most of them are worse off coming back than they were to start with… let’s be courteous to folks with PTSD

Don’t be an ableist fuckface. Intentionally triggering someone is disgusting.

I thought people on this godforsaken website at least understood this one basic principal, but apparently not, so let me make it crystal clear: 


You can hate Ann Coulter. But if you suggest that she deserves to be raped, you are a misogynist.

You can hate Woody Allen. But if you say he’s part of a Jewish conspiracy or joke about putting him in an oven, you are an antisemite.

You can hate Michael Vick. But you call for him to be lynched or call him the N-word, you are an anti-black racist. 

You can hate Caitlyn Jenner. But if you misgender her, or make comments about her genitalia, you are a transphobe. 

And you can hate the military. But if you deliberately try to trigger veterans with PTSD, you are an ableist piece of shit. 

You do no get to pick and choose which people to treat fairly when it comes to acknowledging and combatting prejudice. 

Not liking a person is not a free pass to disregard anti-prejudicial words and actions. Either you respect marginalized peoples as a whole (even if you don’t like an individual), or you don’t respect them at all. There is no middle ground. 

If anyone really like, agrees with harassing veterans with PTSD or anything similar, unfollow me right the fuck now. I don’t want you following me.

You don’t have to like the military, it’s massively fucked up but y’all needs understand that most people in the military are victims of propaganda and are usually poor or part of a minority who are taken advantage of in order to join.

^^^ All of these comments tbh


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