The “be grateful you have a job” sentiment always sticks in my craw because it is never paired with “be grateful you have employees” and “be grateful we have customers.”

This is a 3-way street. Economic mana doesn’t just drip from the heavens.

Also, don’t let your boss make you feel like your paycheck is a gift. You worked for it, you probably produced significantly more money than is in it, so don’t let your employer imply that being paid is some kind of special kindness that you should thank them for.

Capitalism thrives on workers producing more value than they receive in their paychecks and on a steady supply of unemployed people so that the /job market/ benefits employers, all so that dominant culture can tell you to be thankful for having a job. When you live in a system that explicitly deprives people of comfort and livelihood for the benefit of elite douchebags who hoard the grand majority of the wealth, it’s safe to say that that system is inherently unjust; the problems that arise aren’t “glitches” in the system – it’s engineered that way.

Build socialist democracy on the ashes of capitalism.


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