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Omg I need this!!!!!


This is just a compact TENS unit.

You can get decent, compact, TENS units on Amazon much cheaper than they’re asking here. Sure it might not be cute, but it’s cheap and honestly the cute factor is just an excuse to slap the pink tax on.

It is so important to me that you guys know this is just a TENS unit. Don’t go paying twice or three times the amount just because its little blue and has purple flowers. Like you can slap some flowers on your electrode pads if you need to. 


Yeah, this is a TENS unit. Amazon actually sells one for less than $30 USD and it has a lot more functionality than this one does. (and holy fuck is it strong. like, surprisingly so)

But as for the treatment, GO FOR IT. TENS therapy is so strangely unknown for chronic pain. If you can tolerate the weird electric feeling, then it’s really quite amazing.

Sorry but flowers, pastel colors and “lady parts” are a big no for me. Reblogging for the info on cheaper options.

Some people like pastels and flowers. Some don’t. But I absolutely am reblogging for cheaper options.

Cheaper product and no cissexism? That sounds better to me.

I actually didn’t realize tens units retail so cheaply. They’re completely amazing and are one of the few things that actually help my pain.

I guess that’s one more item on the list of “things to buy eventually when the numbers work out”.

I definitely recommend getting a portable TENS unit just in general. I got this one from Target a while back for $30; it is definitely helpful for cramps (or at least taking the edge off of them; I use the “low back” setting and ahhhhh sweet relief), and can also help with a wide variety of muscle and joint pain. The electric sensation is odd at first, but it really does seem to help. My mom used one to help with her shingles pain a while back, and it did provide some relief there, as well (temporarily, at least. shingles sucks.)

But yeah, get the cheaper ones from target or amazon or wherever, they work just as well. There’s no reason you need to spend more than $30 on one of these. 

When I was regularly going to the chiropractor, they’d use one for my back. Can’t recommend it enough and hell I might get one cause the periomenopausal cramp game is strong.

I have a TENS unit. Best thing for managing my chronic pain from old injuries without having to take pills. It does feel weird at first but for me it works better than almost anything else.


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