From Crossed Genres:

We don’t send out messages to our mailing list often, so when we do you know it’s important!In case you haven’t heard, Crossed Genres is running a Kickstarter to fund our latest anthology – HIDDEN YOUTH, a sequel to our 2014 World Fantasy and Locus Award-winning anthology LONG HIDDEN!

Three years ago, we launched a Kickstarter to fund an anthology of historical speculative fiction, telling the stories of people who had been marginalized throughout history. The overwhelming success of that project – both the initial fundraising and the critical praise and sales upon release – showed how important it is to tell these stories, how badly they are needed.
Now we want to continue telling these stories, giving voice to those whom history has neglected, ignored or erased. And this time, we’ll focus on young people – all protagonists are under the age of 18.As of this post the Kickstarter campaign is just shy of 95%, less than $1,200 from our goal! We’re very, very close to funded, but the campaign ends TOMORROW (Wednesday July 6) at 10PM US EDT!

In these last 30 hours, please consider backing this anthology! If you enjoyed Long Hidden and were considering backing its sequel, now’s the time! And even if you can’t back the Kickstarter, any extra help you can give spreading the world would be greatly appreciated! Even a tweet or link on Facebook (with a “Last 30 hours!” push) can make a difference.


Thank you to everyone for all the amazing support, that’s gotten us this close!

Hidden Youth: Speculative Stories of Marginalized Children


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