“Why don’t you guys just get the fuck over it ” – Becky voice .

“Why are you resisting ? Be peaceful .”

Don’t ever let this post die .

*Good history Twitter pg to follow *

When folks ask why I hate the British….

What?! Omg I didn’t know

Just remember that this man is praised as a hero in England and in most history textbooks. This is what we mean when we say that we are only being taught one side of history

@katblaque more white history month stuff

No one ever talks about the other things Churchill did outside of the war


We need to start talking about the Boer war again. It’s disgusting that people purposely forget that this happened because of WW2

I remember that I reblogged this once or twice but this is too important to be ignored. Churchill is not a hero, he is a criminal white supremacist.

In case anyone is wondering why Brexit-induced xenophobia is nightmare fuel for people of color …

Death tw, murder tw, genocide tw, death of baby tw, such fucking evil,


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