This shit world literally did not deserve unproblematic fave and glorious angelic-voiced bisexual Parsi scion Freddie Mercury who descended to our Earth from the skies to teach us to rock, love, and find some small happiness, and now sits in the lap of the gods, soul painted like the wings of butterflies

I love this gif set so much. This really put a smile on my face and uplifted my soul. We live in such a shitty world but we need to remember that there are still good people everywhere.

I’ve found out when and where he said the quote:

In the context he was referring to the entire crowd of people (estimated 80,000) who came along to support the Live Aid concert event 13 July 1985 Wembley Stadium in London to raise funds for the Ethiopian famine. The concert was also on a live television broadcast worldwide to an estimated audience of over 2 billion viewers across 60 countries.

Btw, don’t forget that Mercury was East African by birth—he was born as part of the Indian diaspora in Tanzania.


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