Stop all that “you attract what you are ready for” shit. Sometimes life is just terrible. It’s not always my fault.

Life never gives you more than you can handle.” Yes, it does.

People are placed in your life to teach you a valuable lesson that helps your soul on its way to enlightenment.” No, there are a just a lot of people who feel empowered when they act like assholes. We live in that kind of society.

You keep finding yourself in the same situation because you haven’t discovered the message the universe is trying to send to you yet.”  Sometimes unpleasant things are stuck on repeat, because you have a mental or physical condition, and it is a symptom. Symptoms are like that.

The truth always hurts.” No, it doesn’t, and what hurts often isn’t the truth, but is instead someone’s biased opinion. 

I really appreciate this comment. Thank you thank you thank you.

This is what I need to hear. I blamed myself for so long for the abuse I endured and for attracting the people that hurt me.


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