things to paint and sketch when you’re not in the mood:


  • a cute stranger who makes you swoon and sob because of the beautiful details on their faces
  • your neighbor’s house (despite being not too cute or too cute who knows) just give it a try
  • pose in front of the mirror (make it a difficult one or depends on your mood) and try to hold it and sketch after every minute or so
  • the sunset or sunrise (pay attention to the details of the colors and the texture of the sky, this is quite typical but trust me it will help you relax)
  • your interior, the interior of your house, your smol apartment
  • go to a local shop, coffee house, restaurant and sit for an hour, try to conceptualize the way you want to design your own shop and sketch it on a pad
  • your name !! calligraph your name in all sorts of fonts that you want to make it more quirky
  • the food that you eat, want to eat- smol details about it, how the water / juice drip from the top. draw every single thing you like about it
  • buildings, markets, shrines, and more !! im pretty sure you’ll find something beautiful in the middle of an urbanized area if you really look just try to concentrate

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