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I never post meta because I prefer to write it out, but Wikipedia has some really great animations of the harmonic series.  I saw it and thought… what if this is how the Veil works?  What if the Veil is the dissonance that disrupts the consonant, harmonic nature between the real world and the Fade?


First overtone

Second overtone

Third overtone

There are waveform animations over at Wiki, but this presents a few ideas to me regarding partial breaches of the Veil/thinning of the Veil.  I’m not going to go much farther than this conceptualization because I don’t think truly this is how magic works in Thedas, but when the Inquisitor says, “The Veil is more like a vibration,” this is what I think about.

that moment when you ask patrick weekes about this and he replies with “spoilers”

That is brilliant.  What if THIS is the Chant?

If you overlap them as well they can become constructive or destructive.

Yes… I started thinking about the Veil being an anti-soundwave which creates a dead space between the Fade and the real world, and then my brain went off on the music of the spheres and vibrations and M theory and dimensions and um…

This doesn’t explain how mages open the Veil and pull from the Fade, or why blood magic thins the Veil, but it’s an interesting concept and what if those circles around Solas in his tarot card are soundwaves?

That’s such an interesting theory! And maybe the destruction would be destructive interference? Or maybe constructive with the harmonics. That would be such an interesting take on the science of magic then? The ability to channel energy or sound waves. Hell the rift mage path would make a lot of sense then. (kinda like biotics in ME with dark energy?)

Force magic would make sense that way!  I love force magic.  Could you explain more about how this would explain rift magic?

Off topic a bit… Doesn’t the name Corypheus mean composer/ conductor ?Bioware’s just toying with us now. 

Corypheus DOES mean conductor! And if you’ll recall, the sentient darkspawn that the architect creates lament the inability to hear “the song” anymore.  It drove the Mother MAD.  What if the Blight is a physical expression of the “Song of the Veil.” The darkspawn hear the disruptive noise and are lulled by it. The song corrupts the Archdemon which thus leads a horde. 

After all, the first darkspawn were supposedly magisters who attempted to enter the Fade physically.  Perhaps crossing the Veil exposed them to this song and they were eternally damned.

Also, if you remember, Justice describes the fact that Lyrium sings and Red Lyrium is BLIGHTED lyrium

It sings a dark and corrupted song that drives people mad just as the Darkspawn were driven mad by the Veil song. HOLY SHIT.

Solas is a damn Mad Scientist Mozart. 

My mind is blown right now/

I’m just going to ramble about a couple of things.

  • If the veil is just deadspace/ resulting noise, then that would mean that there is no wavelength pressure because of the cancellation.
  • Blood magic increases anti-noise or the noise, disrupting the interface of the waves. (basically, Noise and Anti-noise cancel out, but blood magic gives more power to the wavelength to surpass the other. Making the other opposite force increase its amplitude to continue it’s cancellation equilibrium.) 
  • This banter between Cole and Dorian:

Dorian: Cole, do you hear magic?

Cole: Yes. I do. Don’t you?

Dorian: Spells sometimes makes a sound but… I don’t think we hear the same thing.

Cole: Don’t your spells whisper things to you? What is and could be, music in the mind of strange, far away places?

Dorian: Not lately.

Cole: Then we don’t hear the same thing.

  • Mages (that don;t use blood magic) are able to match the harmonic of the veil/ deadspace. allowing them to pull magic from the fade naturally. 

I’m jumping in on this again but as me and @the-queen-of-thedas just discussed, the tranquil, who have the ability to use magic removed. The term tranquil means to be free from disturbance or calm. Which again, can be an indicator of this theory. Calm and quiet. 

It all makes sense!  God

I’m diving straight into psychoacoustics now – thinking about the lyrium brand on the forehead.  Our brains process sound in the temporal lobe (slight joke to myself because time does not exist in the Fade and the temporal lobe is where we put sound back together).  The auditory cortex is located close to the ear, and in order for us to understand sound our brains must first receive the electric impulses converted by the moving cilia in the inner ear.  Inside the auditory cortex is something called a tonotopic map, which contains in it cells that respond to specific frequencies, much like our visual cortex contains in it cells that respond to shapes, color, light, faces, etc.

What does this have to do with magic?  Bear with me.  In order to understand sound we must disassemble the frequencies and put them back together.  Then once these electrical impulses are received by the brain, the rest of the brain goes to work to process who, what, where, etc.  In other words, there is no sound without cortical processing.

How do templars use lyrium to negate magic?  How do mages dispel magic?  Perhaps what they do is disrupt the cortical process, making it so that the Fade-magic is not heard, and therefore the magic does not exist as it cannot be processed.  

“Speak only the Word; sing only the Chant. Then the Golden City is thine”

I was wandering around Skyhold and heard the chanters out in the garden in the background and thought “What if the chant of light is literal. What if it really is just get everyone to sing the same song and boom Veil down and magic back.”

Wouldn’t that be an ironic twist haha


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