1) they expensive bruh 2) none of us kno the dif btwn a fucking diamond and some fancy ass glass ur capitalist rock hierarchy has no control over us

3) mostly mined with slave labor

4) we get excited when our date buys us an appetizer, we don’t even comprehend people buying us rocks that would force us into debt for ten years

5) diamonds aren’t even that pretty. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

6) Diamonds are literally objectively worthless. 

7) Because fancy ass glass is lot prettier, more sparkly, and easier to work with to get excatly wht you want as well as being affordable and more ethical.

Example: Aventurine glass [also called Goldstone and stellaria because it sparkles a lot] which is glass made in a low oxygen reducing environment. Mixing tiny crystals of other stuff changes it colour. 

This one is has copper mixed in.

This one has cobalt and/or manganese mixed in, and is also called ‘blue sandstone’. You can get necklaces and stuff with it for like £15-20 or less easily [though there are rip off artists from people trying to pass it off as some rare natural stone – it’s awesome fancy glass but still glass]. Why would we want to spend hundreds-thousands when we can have tiny piece of the universe like this.


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