SWEDEN – Listen, people. I’m from Sweden. I was born, grew up, and have lived in Sweden my entire life. I’m white and working class. I know that we’re one of the countries often praised for our progressive attitude and welfare system.

It’s true, there is no other country I would want to live in while in my situation. I honestly think that if I had been born in the US and had the same issues with depression I have now, I wouldn’t have a home and I would be drug dependent. But because of our welfare system I’m doing okay. I’m doing my best and I’ve received a lot of help.

But guys, listen, honestly… really. Sweden is really racist. We’re sexist and Islamophobic and we’re no better than any other country. We have the same kind of bull that any other country has. I encounter someone being racist or not speaking up about racism pretty much every day. It’s all over the place. Almost every time I talk with my parents about current events they try to convince me that their racist behavior is okay because of this or that reason. 

We have areas of major cities and suburbs that are considered “slums” because of the high immigrant population. A wide variety of ethnicities are referred to as “Turks” in a derogatory way. There’s a lot of myths being propagated about immigrants “destroying our traditions.” I’ve seen Facebook posts about moving pork products into the halal section in stores. There’s a dessert made out of coco, butter, oats, etc. that used to be called n-word balls. The more respectful name would be Chocolate balls. People get absolutely up-in-arms about the name and REFUSE to drop the n-word. “Hey, you, I used to say that when I was young and I don’t mean it in a racist way so get over it.”

I could go on and on and on, but I think I’ve got my point across. There are a lot of things to be proud of when you’re a Swede, but certain people have co-opted the Swedish flag and “patriotism” and all that junk to cover up their obvious racism. You know, like the Confederate flag. 

Honestly, a lot of this goes for Denmark too. It hurts to say.

Another Swede here and the above is so true and like OP says, we could go on and on, there are so many examples. On top of that, we are totally going backwards on our refugee laws in a way that means that anyone who’s been denied asylum automatically looses their rights to food, accommodation, health care and any financial aid that they previously would’ve had – while Sweden is actually financially doing quite well atm and all historical evidence shows that our country greatly benefits in the long run from large waves of immigration. On top of that – racist propaganda is getting more and more normalised in both social media and actual news outlets (and then I’m not even referring to all the pseudo-news outlets that are popping up, twisting events into promoting antagonism against refugees and poc, or even fabricating news). We are not only bad, we’re actually getting worse.

Ditto from Finland.


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