decided to do some math after seeing that last post. current net worth of bill gates is ~75B. to get that in years of working minimum wage you divide by 52 (weeks), then 40 (hours), then ~8 (pay rate). his current net worth is worth about four and a half million years of minimum wage labor. since the number is so hard to fathom I wanted to break it down and found the average retirement age is ~65, so lets say each of us has ~45 years of labor on average (probably more tbh). if we divide his total by that we get just above a hundred thousand lifetimes of labor.

bill gates currently owns the value of an entire lifetime’s worth of labor for 100,000 humans

but of course the workers microsoft employs in china are not making minimum wage they make about 50¢ an hour. a good portion of his wealth is the surplus value of those workers, so I redid the math. with the adjusted pay rate he instead owns the value of a lifetime’s worth of labor for 1.6 million humans. that is fucking outrageous.


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