I’d hate to be a party pooper, but as a Native woman, this all makes me seriously uncomfortable.

If the Hogwarts mascots were a lion, a snake, a badger, and a raven, all real animals, why do these new ones have to be religious creatures? Also, the Hogwarts houses all had fanciful made up names but these are legitimate names of creatures Indigenous peoples believed in. Doesn’t that seem a little ethnocentric to anyone?

And the whole “indigenous magic but i can’t say which tribe” bullshit? Seriously? No, it’s not like we aren’t all thrown into a cultural stereotype by white people all the damn time.

So glad I never got into Harry Potter, or this could have been heartbreaking.

If you ever wondered what cultural appropriation looks like, it looks kinda like this.

I don’t have any energy left to rant more about this entire shitbundle of “no, leave your hands outta my culture” that is Rowling’s new venture. So I’ll just second what other Native folks are saying.

not only is the concept disrespectful as all hell but the artwork is plagiarized so I’ll quote myself here from my previous discussion:

This is a porcupine in Ringerike style by tarkheki. I encountered it in the first page for the google results for ‘ringerike style’, so if the artist of the ‘pukwudgie’ googled ringerike style, they would have encountered it too.

Considering that the original pukwudgie itself is porcupinelike, I wouldn’t be surprised if the artist stole the opportunity to use this porcupine design.



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