remember when the Sherlock fandom decided to dislike all the Elementary trailers on youtube in an attempt to get it cancelled before it even aired

No, but I believe it.

My favorite part was when they called the show homophobic because making Watson a woman made it harder for them to write slash fiction about two lead characters.

Remember when Elementary fans had to create their own tag to get away from the Sherlock fandom invading the ‘Elementary’ tag on Tumblr

Remember when Sherlock fans found it incomprehensible that an Asian woman was playing the role of Watson.  Never mind that both Holmes and Watson have been mice and dogs and robots and pieces of fruit in different media. 

Remember when the cast and crew of BBC Sherlock pretty much baited its fandom by being passive-aggressive whiny chits about the show on social media and in interviews.

Remember when Mark Gatiss retweeted that ‘Not Benedict Cumberbatch/Not Martin Freeman’ mock-poster. 

Remember when self-professed ‘militant feminist’ Louise Brealey (Molly Hooper) called the casting of Lucy Liu – the first time a woman would play the role of Watson in a major adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories – ‘gimmicky’.

Remember when Benedict Cumberbatch insinuated that Jonny Lee Miller took the role so he could ‘buy something nice for his wife.’

Remember when Martin Freeman called Lucy Liu a dog on live television and then brushed it off as a ‘joke.’

Remember when renowned feminist Victoria Cohen lost her shit in a Guardian article and frothed at the mouth for like 800 words on how Lucy Liu’s Watson “was an insult to British values

Remember when renowned feminist Caitlin Moran wrote an entire article about how Asian Watson was “gimmicky” and “trying too hard”.

Remember when renowned fandom feminists was all about “SCREW WRITING STRONG WOMEN!!!! WRITE COMPLEX WOMEN!!!!!!” but collectively shat themselves and bent over backwards trying to justify their racism and how “Asian Watson is not progressive” and how “disinterested” they were in the Holmes/Watson relationship because it wasn’t about two white men eyefucking

don’t forget when elementary included a trans woman in the show and people reached trying 2 say that including her was “FORCING DIVERSITY” and “WASN’T REALISTIC” because she was in the same room as an asian woman 

Wow I knew the Sherlock fandom was trash but damn. Also FUCK Martin Freeman for calling Lucy Liu a dog. Fucking whack ass hobbit looking bastard. 

A lot of y’all weren’t here when it was actually happening. I watched this shit unfold on my dash in real-time and it was very fucking terrible.

There’s a reason people hate the “SuperWhoLock” fandom on here. It’s not because they’re a huge fandom, it’s because of shit like this.

I remember all of this and it’s why, to this day, I inwardly curl my lip at anyone (in person or online) who calls themselves a huge fan of BBC Sherlock, ESPECIALLY those who go on to say they “don’t care for” Elementary.  I basically know immediately the kind of person they are.


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