Some days I lose the ability to speak and I on normal days can’t talk to strangers Is it ableist to want to learn sighn language for that? Instead of wanting to learn it solely for my freind who’s deaf?




It seems more like you want to learn sign language to be your own advocate. It’s good to have a backup in just a case if you can not speak well.

It is not ableist, not audist to support for yourself.

However, I personally would recommend you to be part of the Deaf community in just a case if you ever need our helping hands.
We are there for you when you face some kind of oppression or someone refuse to accommodate to your sign language.

Not only just for a resource and support, but it is also for the cultural reason.

I hope this helps!

-Mod Reptonic

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve made this point, so I’ll just reinforce the message as another signing Deaf/deaf person–no, it is not ableist to learn sign language.

No, it is not ableist to learn sign language.

No, it is NOT ableist to learn sign language.


If you NEED sign language for your own communication needs, even if only part of the time, then please do learn. I WANT you to be able to use sign language as an option when you need, because you have a right to full communication access.

Everyone who can personally benefit from sign language should please feel free to learn.

Everyone who knows people who sign, even if only part time, for communication … please do learn.We want you to. So few people put in that level of effort to ease communication with us, so we’re honestly thrilled when someone we know does.

Don’t know anyone who signs yet? We’ll still love it if you learn how because maybe someday we’ll meet you at some random event where we weren’t expecting to be able to communicate with anyone, and it would be awesome to find we were wrong.

LEARNING SIGN LANGUAGE IS NOT ABLEIST. In fact, it’s pretty much the OPPOSITE of ableism, because more people learning sign language helps promote communication inclusion for everyone (including the OP with the question) who needs sign language, even if only part time.


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