When disaster struck Mount Everest in 2014, an unprecedented avalanche wiped out 16 Sherpas but left dozens of wealthy Western climbers untouched. Mourning evolved into a Sherpa strike, and deep-rooted tensions erupted after more than half a century bubbling below the surface.

Who better to showcase the racial standoff than a privileged white American?

This kind of racism is common when westerners come to Nepal actually. They have a sense of privilege they believe they should be bestowed here.

Some had the audacity to tell me that Nepal shouldn’t develop because of the pollution and how they “aren’t able to enjoy the nature and smoke weed” here. Yes, many of the people who travel to Nepal indeed do have a hippy lifestyle yet they don’t truly understand the culture nor try to. It’s saddening to see.

As for words about climbing Everest. Many of you don’t know that much of that money doesn’t even go to helping the Sherpa who guide you or the local community as much as you want to think it does. Much of it is spent on climbing gear (expensive ones), food, plane tickets, and travel expenses, non of which help the community but rather the already wealthy businesspeople.

The money spent on Everest is regarded as “wasted money” because it is spent on a one time products.

That same money from one climber can truly help to change the Sherpa’s community and way of life, yet the westerners that go don’t ever really care about it. These individuals risk their lives so you can have your little moment of ‘glory’ and yet you don’t truly appreciate the life threatening work they do.

I am increasingly of the opinion that Everest should be zoned off from leisure climbing and left alone.

Fuck Western Everest climbers.

Not to mention that Everest is NOT even its real fucking name. Its name in Tibetan is Chomolungma, which means “Goddess Mother of Mountains.” The British named it Everest after a surveyor with the excuse that they “couldn’t find a local name” which is bullshit because Chomolungma has been named as such for centuries and they probably didn’t even bother to ask.

The Nepalese people worship Chomolungma as sacred. In fact, every expedition must begin with a Puja ceremony to worship the spirits of the mountain or the Sherpas will pretty much refuse to work. They didn’t really go up the mountain until Westerners started doing it because they held it in reverence and felt it should be left alone.

And now feces, abandoned oxygen tanks, and dead bodies have literally destroyed their sacred mountain and are polluting their neighboring communities.

But who fucking cares as long as those rich Western vanity climbers get their selfie at “the top of the world,” right? It’s all worth it no matter how many Sherpas die, how much pain and destruction they leave in their wake, if they get what they want.

Race Row on Mount Everest: Sherpas Square Off Against Racist Western Climbers


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