The first Pride was a riot.

Wall sticker in Marlborough lesbian pub, Brighton.

i’m actually realizing this now

but the original poster said “queer power” and someone erased that and replaced it with “gay power”

real classy

probably because qu*er is a slur and someone was uncomfortable referring to themselves using that word

Yeah but the person who made the poster was comfortable using it – so why is it OK to erase their identity?

because one person being comfortable with it doesnt mean the whole community is. also qu*er is most definitely a slur, please look into any sort of lgbt history at all.

Perhaps you should look into any sort of mogai history. Like the history of how liberationists specifically chose to identify as “queer” rather than “gay” because they wanted to take weapons out of straight hands. Because it was a statement that we were proud of being outside of straight gender and sexual norms and expectations. And, frankly, because a lot of us aren’t fucking gay.

If you don’t want to identify as queer, that’s fine. Nobody’s saying you have to. But if you’re not capable of engaging with the artist’s politics and identity on their terms, the correct answer is to do your own thing. Not to deface an artist’s work to erase them so you can more comfortably steal their words. Seriously, if this was any other art theft, half of you would be screaming bloody murder. If anybody were forcibly changing your identity, there would be a war. But apparently it’s okay when you do it, for some reason?

For the record, “gay” has just as much history as a slur, and more common modern usage as one. And less than half of the community can accurately be called gay. Funny how that never seems to matter.


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