I want a character in a zombie apocalypse setting who is just inexplicably good at survival tasks – knows how to make a fire from scratch, cooks insanely well, can hunt, skin animals, makes cheese, butter, and such, but gradually the people in their group begin to notice they never seem to catch pop culture references or allusions to normal, everyday historical facts about the pre-apocalypse world. 

And everyone has all these theories about them like, what did they do before? Why are they like this? How do they just automatically know how to sew clothing, milk a cow, and build quality shelter, but….. they don’t know who Chris Evans was. Never heard of Buzzfeed. Can’t drive a car. They’ve apparently never seen Star Wars OR Star Trek. Who the hell is this person? Why are they so weird?

And eventually it comes out: When the apocalypse happened this person took the opportunity to blend in, reinvent themselves. But in the old world?

They were Amish.


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