I just realised “I love my child but hate their Autism“ is kind of an ableist version of “hate the sin, love the sinner,“ which is what many homophobes say to try and justify their views.

Exactly.  And it’s just as B***S+++. Especially when the “sin” is the person’s identity.

And you know, I just realized something:

The torturing of people accused of witchcraft* was justified by saying the pain inflicted by the inquisitors, even when fatal, were slight compared to the torments of Hell. And confessing, even under duress, would save the soul of the accused.

That sure sounds like “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin,” doesn’t it?

*Nowhere near as widespread as Neo-Pagan reconstructionist history makes it out to be (I love you, fellow Neo-Pagans, but you gotta stop comparing it to the Nazi Holocaust; justice is not a game you win with points, like basketball).

It is frustrating just how many people don’t want to look at how many of these dangerous are coming out of the same cultural ideological pool. And how normal that can look if it’s mostly what you’re used to hearing. 😐


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