I was reading dialogue and it occurred to me that some of the wording in this is… odd.

Solas: The Grey Wardens allow elves and dwarves into their ranks?
Varric: Qunari too I imagine. They don’t care about titles or blood, just stopping the Blight.
Solas: A pity they do it so badly then.
Blackwall: Would you care to repeat that?
Solas: Argue if you like, your fight against the darkspawn is noble, but what progress have you made?
Varric: Give them some credit, it’s not like you can study the Blight safely. I may not like everything they’ve done, but without the wardens, we’d all be blighted by now.
Solas: They’ve bought us some time, I will grant them that.

They’ve bought us some time. That’s much more than saying that they’ve saved us a few times. “Buying time” implies that every Blight has been building towards one catastrophic event. Think about it – if you were a writer, and each Blight was an isolated and independent event, only relevant to the one released Old God, would you refer to the whole history of the Grey Wardens as “They’ve bought us some time?”

Of course, it’s always possible they didn’t mean us to read into it on that level. But considering that there are other party banters that can be read with that degree of subtlety, I think it’s reasonably possible that this wording hints at the reason for all Solas’ hostility and horror regarding the Wardens.

So if it does mean something more, that leaves the question – bought us some time… until what?

Blights, Old Gods, Titans, mages who can turn people to stone without looking at them… I think we all just need accept that everyone is going to die.

I have thought about this a LOT in my writing,tbh.  It’s a big part of WTWF.  >D


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