Eldet – A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color –

It’s finally here, folks!  The project I’ve been working on for the past six months is ready for you all to experience!

For people who have recently started following me, and for those who have been with me long ago, I’ve never been so passionate about a project as I have with this.  I hope you enjoy the demo, and I hope you consider donating to the kickstarter campaign to help me make the full game!

Click here or at the link above to visit the page

Download the demo here:

Google Drive


Okay guys! Listen up! I beta tested this game and it’s really amazing! Marccus is an incredible artist and this is pure quality! Let me explain why: it has an amazing story, it’s set in a fantasy world, it’s full of likable characters, has a lot of PoC, and it also has amazing gay romances that will satisfy virtually anyone. It’s not often we get games like this, SO PLEASE HELP MARCCUS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

And try out the demo! It’s there! Give it a chance! It’s honestly PHENOMENAL!

GUYS TRY THIS DEMO OUT!! IT’S SO F**KING AMAZING!!! I was amazed by the story, the characters, the choices, so pretty much everything! And it’s so beautiful illustrated that I would stop to admire the artwork! God I hope this becomes a full game!! 




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