Owen Jones is a gay journalist in the UK and he’s just walked off the Sky News Press Roundup after some of the frankly disgusting deflecting from Sky News about how they’re dealing with this anti-LGBT hate crime of the mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando.

Good on Owen for standing up to the other two straight people who were trying to downplay the fact it was an anti-LGBT hate crime and completely disregarding how Owen as a gay man felt about it. I’m appalled at how they acted, and do not blame him for leaving – I follow him on most social media and he is one of the most eloquent, thoughtful and professional journalists I know of. He regularly engages with people who disagree with him (even at one point inviting one of his Twitter trolls out for a face to face friendly chat) so he’s not new to people presenting him with different views, and he never shies away from having professional and calm debates. To have upset him this much (and then to accuse him of overreacting) only speaks to the severity of their mistreatment of the discussion.

Please feel free to shout about this on twitter, because this kind of discussion on national TV is reductive and taking the narrative away from the community that has been targeted. Please support someone who’s trying to give voice to the community. You can find Owen on twitter here and his youtube page here.

Honestly there are so many things wrong with what they’re saying, I too, like Owen are left speechless and can barely even scratch the surface with my criticism and I applaud him for ferociously trying.


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