How is it that Gravity Falls did in 93 seconds what Adventure Time has tried to do in 4 seasons?

this is my absolutely most favourite scene in the whole series.
Its none of these confessing-your-feelings-and-getting-friendzoned-things. They are acting more mature and natural to this situation than any other series with crush problems. They dont freak out about it.
Wendy did knew about Dippers feelings and didnt freak out about it. She likes him and even knowing his feelings doesnt change that. And Dipper also doesnt freak out. He´s glad that Wendy´s still his friend and that telling your true feelings doesnt make things worse. He accept the fact, that she doesnt love him back, and hes cool with it, because everything will still be awesome.

^I AGREE 100% It was such a mature scene. Wendy and Dipper’s friend zone scene was very well done


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